The continuation of my eggplant splurging saga continues! This recipe turned out well but I think it would have been drastically improved if I had had sesame paste and lemon juice. However, for working with what I had, I’m very very happy with the end result. I ate the babaganush for dinner with pretzels alongside this eggplant salad.

This recipe was crazy easy and took very little work time but was satisfying and warm. The original recipe can be found here.

Skill Level: Crazy Easy


  • Mayonnaise works but sesame paste would be better!
  • Lime juice is an okay substitute but lemon juice just adds a special something.


  • 1 Eggplant
  • Minimum 6 cloves of Garlic
  • 2 tablespoons of Sesame Paste (or Mayonnaise)
  • 2 tablespoons of Lemon Juice (or Lime Juice)
  • 1 teaspoon of Salt
  • A dash of Black Pepper
  • Paprika and sesame seeds as garnish


  1. Cover the eggplant with aluminum foil and place on the floor or bottom rack of the oven set to 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 40 minutes.
  2. After it is roasted, scoop out the meat of the eggplant into a blender and add in all other ingredients except for the garnishes.
  3. Pulse until smooth, pour into bowl, add garnish, and serve with something to dip in it!

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